Braves: Freddie Freeman’s magical 2020 MVP campaign almost didn’t happen

Fredde Freeman is one of the many Braves impending free agents

Freddie Freeman‘s magical 2020 MVP campaign almost didn’t happen last season. As most Atlanta fans remember, just weeks before the season, the Braves first baseman came down with an awful case of COVID-19. It was so frightful that there was even a point where Freeman asked God not to take his life as he was running a fever well over 104 degrees.

Thankfully, Freeman was able to battle through and return; however, his first few weeks back weren’t very encouraging. He felt exhausted and didn’t think he was helping the team, and his numbers were indicative of that. Through the first 15 games of last season, Freeman hit right at the Mendoza Line with just a couple of homers and nine RBIs. Then, he received some special words of encouragement from his wife, Chelsea Freeman, and everything seemed to click after that.

Here’s all he had to say about his wife’s impact and the memorable season that ensued, resulting in his first MVP award.

I’m not sure what kind of juju Chelsea could inspire over text, but Freeman really did go on a tear after those first couple of weeks. Over the season’s final 45 games, he hit a ridiculous .384 with a 1.220 OPS, including 20 doubles, 11 homers, and 44 RBIs.

Freeman was as deserving of an MVP as any in recent memory, and it’s almost ridiculous he was able to win the award after such an abysmal start to his season. But it never would have happened if not for Chelsea, who is just one of the several reasons why Braves Country adores the entire Freeman family.

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