Braves: Is Justin Turner still an option?

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With Marcell Ozuna’s 2021 cap hit being extremely team friendly, Atlanta still has money to spend this offseason. Liberty Media’s cheap antics as the Dodgers continue to build have driven me insane, and while Shane Greene and Mark Melancon remain top priorities, the best bat available on the market could be just what the Braves need. There was reported interest in Turner coming from Atlanta before the Ozuna signing, and personally, I hope nothing has changed.

Justin Turner has killed the Braves, especially in the playoffs, and he makes a lot of sense for Atlanta. Not only does his presence weaken the Dodgers, but he also immediately provides another impact bat and could provide some guidance for Austin Riley.

I haven’t given up on Riley by any means, but with Chipper Jones coaching during the spring and Turner showing him the ropes — I think it would be fantastic for his development. The issue starts with Turner’s contract. Anthopoulos is the king of the one year deal, but at 36, I could see Turner wanting some long term stability, which may be why he has yet to work anything out with the Dodgers to this point.

That’s an issue with a Freddie Freeman extension on the horizion and Austin Riley still in the organization’s future plans. However, if Atlanta can lock up Greene or Melancon, it would be a pleasant surprise for Liberty Media to finally open their checkbooks and bring in Turner, creating arguably the best offense in baseball. Furthering Austin Riley’s development is just icing on the cake. I think if Atlanta can run it back, they are fully capable of beating Los Angeles and winning the World Series. However, stealing Justin Turner and adding him to the middle of their lineup would make things much easier.

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