Braves: It’s beginning to look unlikely we see Mike Soroka this season

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I always thought Mike Soroka returning this season would be a long shot, but after looking so sharp in his first rehab assignment, I believed we would see him at least at some point during September. Now, that’s beginning to look highly unlikely. Soroka completed his fifth start in the minors since returning yesterday, and while it wasn’t terrible, I wouldn’t call it a step in the right direction either.

Soroka now has a 5.06 ERA over 16 innings since joining the Stripers, but the stats aren’t really what the Braves are concerned about. They want him to remain healthy and continue to stretch out.

By now, I thought Soroka would have been throwing about 90 pitches, but this is the third consecutive start in which he’s hovered around the 75-pitch mark. Until he throws at least 90 pitches, the Braves won’t even consider calling him up. And given that Atlanta is in the middle of a tight divisional race and already has five high-quality starters, I don’t see them unnecessarily throwing Soroka into the fire.

Like most Braves fans, I wanted nothing more than see Soroka at Truist Park this season. Perhaps we will if the Braves find a way to clinch the division with games to spare. That moment in the stadium will be electric. However, as far as Soroka contributing to this team down the stretch into the postseason, that now no longer seems feasible.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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