Braves listed as one of the betting favorites to land Nolan Arenado

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A couple of days ago, the odds were released on who Nolan Arenado will be playing for on Opening Day in about two months. And if you’re a betting man like myself that also happens to be a die-hard Braves-aholic, this should pique your interest. According to BetOnline (as of January 29th), Atlanta is listed as the second-most likely trade destination for the star third baseman at 4/1 odds, with only the Yankees ahead of them at 3/1.

Considering the Rockies dilemma — an unhappy star with an opt-out clause in a situation¬†that is not going to better itself anytime soon — it makes the most sense for Colorado to act swiftly and pull the band-aid off. However, the Rockies aren’t an organization that typically does things by the book.

Jim Bowden of The Athletic¬†recently did a story on the struggle between Arenado and Colorado’s front office, calling an Arenado trade “inevitable.” He did not mention the Braves as one of the top suitors but did list them in his eight potential landing spots, citing Atlanta just has so much prospect depth to make a deal happen along with a need for a boost at third base.

Trading for Arenado would not only make the Braves the overwhelming favorite in the NL East, but it would also put them in the conversation for the most loaded roster in all of baseball. And if you’re thinking Atlanta would never be able to add Arenado to their payroll, consider that Alex Anthopoulos mulled over the possibility of signing both Marcell Ozuna and Josh Donaldson this offseason. The Braves also have a boatload of money coming off the books in 2021, so this spending spree would only be for one year, and then they could re-evaluate things. I wouldn’t expect Atlanta to deal for him before the season, but if Johan Camargo and Austin Riley aren’t productive in the first half, Anthopoulos will be more inclined to pull the trigger.




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