Braves: Marcell Ozuna continues to rake in the Dominican Winter League

Marcell Ozuna

When the lockout ends, perhaps Marcell Ozuna finds a new home. I’m not sure how the Braves view him following his domestic violence incident from last May, but for now, he’s a Brave and is eligible to play on Opening Day in 2022. That will ruffle the feathers of many in the fan base, but it could be beneficial to the team on the field because, based on his performance in the Dominican Winter League, Ozuna hasn’t missed a beat since his suspension.

It also appears Ozuna’s teammates in the Dominican are catching onto the selfie celebrations as well.

Now, it’s difficult to find updated stats for the Dominican Winter League, but based on the latest updates courtesy of Baseball-Reference, Ozuna has been raking. In 21 games played, he has four homers and four doubles to go along with his .316 average, resulting in a .908 OPS.

We’ll see what happens once the lockout ends. The Braves have yet to comment on the situation since his punishment was announced. But wherever Ozuna ends up playing next season, it appears he’s ready to contribute in a major way.



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