Braves: Marcell Ozuna provides details about what he told Will Smith

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Last night’s Braves versus Dodgers game provided a little bit of drama outside of what was an ultra-entertaining matchup. In the bottom of the fourth inning, Marcell Ozuna hit a fly ball to left field, which resulted in an out. However, on the swing, he struck Dodgers catcher Will Smith in the head, who did not take to it kindly.

Smith had some words for Ozuna, which included telling him it was like the fifth time he’s done it. Both bullpens entered the field of play, but the Braves outfielder did not seem too apologetic, who told Smith that perhaps he should back further away from the plate when he’s in the box.

I’m not really sure who is at fault here. I don’t think it should be Ozuna’s job to change his approach at the plate and worry about whether his bat is striking the catcher on his backswing. As long as he’s not doing it on purpose, it seems as if it should be the catcher’s responsibility to align properly so that there isn’t any way for him to get hit.

Regardless, I do enjoy Ozuna not backing down and hope this adds yet another wrinkle to a Braves and Dodgers rivalry that has been at the heart of the National League over the last five years. A little bad blood never hurt anybody, and it will be interesting to see if anything comes from this situation moving forward, whether it is from the Dodgers or another catcher that doesn’t appreciate Marcell Ozuna’s exaggerated backswing.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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