Braves: Marcell Ozuna’s attorney says his case “wasn’t well investigated”

Marcell Ozuna

As I reported yesterday, Marcell Ozuna has entered a diversion program that could lead to the dismissal of his domestic violence charges. Ozuna’s attorney, Michael LaScala, felt fairly strong about the situation and said that both sides came to a “fair” resolution.

Earlier this Summer, I reported that prosecutors did not find enough evidence to sustain Marcell Ozuna’s felony charge. Ozuna’s felony charge of Aggravated Assault was reduced to Simple Assault. LaScala also had some additional comments on the Sandy Springs Police Department, via the AJC:

“Sandy Springs usually does an excellent job, but this case wasn’t well investigated,”

“It was an unfortunate incident for everyone and he is looking forward to putting this behind him.”

It’s clear that something happened on May 28th, but for now, it looks like Ozuna will be able to legally start fresh if he can complete his diversion program.

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