Braves: Marcell Ozuna’s new court date set

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If you missed my first report on Marcell Ozuna, the Braves Outfielder has already had his felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. Today, he’s due in Fulton County Court.

On July 15th, prosecutors formally charged Ozuna with one count of Battery (Family Violence) and one count of Simple Assault (Family Violence). Both charges are misdemeanors that could carry up to one year in jail. During the hearing, no resolution was reached, and Ozuna was scheduled to appear in court again on September 9th. In just my personal opinion, I think that Ozuna will plead guilty to one of those charges and face little to no jail time. While he is still likely to face a suspension from Major League Baseball, there is a possibility that Ozuna is playing for the Braves again as soon as next season.

We’ll keep you updated on any Ozuna-related developments.

Amy Dash of League of Justice contributed reporting to this article. 



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