Braves: Mike Soroka to begin the season on the 10-day IL

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Mike Soroka wasn’t perfect in his Spring Training debut, allowing one run off a homer in two innings, but he felt good and didn’t suffer any setbacks — that’s all that’s important. If things keep trending in this direction, it shouldn’t be too long before he is back in the starting rotation; however, as expected, Soroka will begin the season on the 10-day IL.

What’s unfortunate is, because of COVID, the minor league season has been delayed a month. So, if the plan is for Soroka to return in April, he won’t have an opportunity to pitch in a live game before he makes his 2021 debut for the Braves. The rest of his work will have to take place at the team’s alternate training site.

Fortunately, Soroka is as mentally tough as they come. An Achilles’ injury is the most brutal in all of sports, but he’s recovered quickly, and his spirits have remained high throughout the rehab process. I don’t expect him to miss a beat whenever the Braves decide he his healthy enough to return.

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