Braves: MLB Network proposes trade hypotheticals for Aaron Judge and Trevor Story

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MLB Network is doing a few trade hypotheticals going into the All-Star Break, so I figured I’d break them down and give my thoughts on them.


Yankees Receive: OF Cristian Pache, LHP Kyle Muller, RHP Bryce Elder

Braves Receive: OF Aaron Judge


The Yankees and Braves have both been massive disappointments, but personally, I don’t think this move makes sense for New York. Cristian Pache is nowhere near finished yet; he’s still only 22 years old and developing offensively. He would be a huge gamble for the Yankees right now, who would be trading a guy with 19 home runs and a .902 OPS that’s still in his prime.

I’m still hesitant to part ways with Kyle Muller, especially in the wake of the news that Mike Soroka may not pitch in 2022 either. Charlie Morton and Drew Smyly are on one-year contracts, and Muller looks to be a big piece of the rotation next season. Atlanta’s problems seem to go far beyond one bat. Bryce Elder has been a fantastic fifth-round pick, and I could see the Braves using him as a trade chip. If this trade involved Atlanta sending Drew Waters to New York, maybe it would make more sense, but I would still be hesitant to pull the trigger on that deal as well. Judge is due for a new contract in 2023, and it won’t be cheap — especially if Atlanta is still paying Marcell Ozuna.


Rockies Receive: SS Dansby Swanson, OF Ender Inciarte, LHP Sean Newcomb

Braves Receive: SS Trevor Story, RHP Mychal Givens


Okay, yes, if the Rockies called Alex Anthopoulos and offered this, I would hope that he has the paperwork done before the phone call is over. No disrespect to Dansby, but Trevor Story is an elite hitter, even if he is having a down 2021. We’re still talking about a five-tool player that regularly launches 30+ home runs a season. I kind of get where MLBNetwork is coming from, but parts of this trade don’t make sense.

First, I would understand why Colorado would want Swanson, he has a career 1.015 OPS against them, and his bat could play at Coors Field. He also has one more year of control, while Trevor Story will be a free agent this offseason. The Braves will have to pay Story and Freeman massive amounts of money in the same offseason, something they are not known to do. That’s without even considering the fact that they may be on the hook for the rest of Marcell Ozuna’s big deal.

I don’t know why Ender Inciarte is included, Colorado is shedding salary, and I don’t think they would take on that money. Sean Newcomb is a fine piece, but I think the Rockies would get a better offer than this. This is a trade in which you might consider a guy like the aforementioned Bryce Elder. I will say Mychal Givens would be a good fit. He’s another expiring contract you would have to re-sign, but he has only allowed seven earned runs over 22.2 innings pitched in 2021. Would they want to extend him with┬áthe Braves paying big money to Will Smith and Chris Martin, even with his career 3.38 ERA?

This trade just doesn’t seem like something Colorado would be interested in, and although it would provide the Braves with two massive upgrades, they would still be rentals for a team that’s currently third in the division. I could rationalize the move considering Inciarte and Newcomb are expendable, but dealing Dansby could be a bit of a risk if Story and Givens both walk this offseason.

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