Braves: Normally quiet Nick Markakis slams Astros for cheating

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Nick Markakis has arrived to spring training, and the typically reserved 14-year veteran had some harsh words for everyone involved in the Astros sign-stealing scandal, saying what they did was “bullshit” and that “they all deserve a beating.”

Here are his full comments on the situation:

Often times, it’s difficult to pry more than a couple of sentences from Markakis, so his statements on the scandal aren’t just his; they are for everyone that’s played the game the right way for their entire careers. We’ve heard critical statements from the likes of Josh Turner, Cody Bellinger, and a bevy of other major leaguers who were directly involved, but Markakis’ might have been the harshest of them all. If the Astros don’t think several balls are going to be coming at their domes throughout the season, they should take a look at this video. Everyone has it out for them — whether they were directly affected or not — and nobody is going to forget anytime soon.

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