Braves offense flashes what is possible in blowout of Colorado

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One of the overarching storylines and points of frustration for fans has been the Braves’ woes with runners in scoring position. Everyone is sick of the unproductive outs that seem so common for this year’s squad. However, the Braves seem to be flipping the script. In a 13-6 victory over the Rockies, Atlanta went 9-for-19 with runners in scoring position, giving us a glimpse of what this team can do in the future

Two out hitting

Six of Atlanta’s 13 runs came with two outs — a welcome change for a team that has struggled to score with two outs. In those situations, the absolute worst thing you can do is strike out. At the very least, putting the ball in play can put pressure on the defense and force an error, like the one Colorado made last night. With two outs, the Braves have struck out a miserable 170 times, second worst in the MLB behind only Pittsburgh. Last night was another sign that things are turning around for the bats. 

Lineup depth

Matt Olson, Austin Riley, and Marcell Ozuna are all fantastic offensive players. But every one of them has drawn the ire of fans for failing with runners in scoring position. This isn’t an unfounded criticism; all three of them are in the top 25 players for runners left on base. Surprisingly, Austin Riley has left the most men on base, with a staggering 101 this season. However, regression to the mean is due. 

From top to bottom, the Braves’ lineup is full of guys who have successful track records. Ozzie Albies, Travis d’Arnaud, and Dansby Swanson can carry the team when they’re hot. Add in exciting, high-upside youngsters like William Contreras and Michael Harris, and you have a lineup with the potential to be the best in baseball. I haven’t even mentioned Ronald Acuña, who is a perennial MVP candidate! Any one of these players could explode and have a historic night, like Travis d’Arnaud did yesterday:

While the Braves haven’t played to their talent level yet this season, the momentum seems to be shifting. Thursday’s offensive outburst could be the turning point they need.

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