Braves: Orlando Arcia addresses his comments about Bryce Harper

MLB: JUL 21 Braves at Brewers

One of the biggest storylines, whether it should have been or not, going into Game 3 surrounded what Orlando Arcia said about Bryce Harper after the Braves doubled him up to end Game 2.

Truthfully, this is the biggest nothing story of all time when talking about the playoffs. Guys are emotional after games, and all Arcia said was “Atta-boy Harper” to his teammates following a dramatic comeback victory. I’ve said worse things to my grandmother.

But, of course, the media turned it into something, and when Bryce Harper delivered two home runs against the Braves in Game 3, he made sure Arcia knew he heard what he said.

I don’t blame Harper. When you hit a 450-foot nuke and send your home crowd into a frenzy, you can do whatever you want, including making a big deal out of nothing. This is the playoffs. If two division rivals aren’t talking smack to each other, something is wrong.

I also want to note that what Arcia said had nothing to do with the result in Game 3. Arcia could have sent Harper a gift basket with a love note for 365 days in a row and Harper still would have hit this hanging slider to the moon blindfolded.

But to make matters worse, every Braves player was asked about it after the game, and Arcia responded, saying Harper wasn’t supposed to hear what he said in the clubhouse.

Harper is a big-time player that shows up in big-time moments. Arcia or any other Braves player shouldn’t even be paying these kinds of questions any mind. It’s not his fault Bryce Elder and Brad Hand gave Harper cookies to hit back to Cobb County.

If the Braves care about Orlando Arcia, stop hanging breaking balls over the heart of the plate. Better yet, they probably shouldn’t be pitching to Harper much at all if they want to come back and win this series.

Photo: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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