Braves: Players Union rejects universal DH and expanded playoffs

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With Marcell Ozuna still unsigned, it feels like the chances of Atlanta bringing back the Dominican slugger just took a hit.


As a Braves fan, possibly losing Marcell Ozuna sucks. I still think the universal DH will be coming to baseball soon, but it appears it isn’t happening this season. It likely won’t be revisited until the 2022 CBA negotiations. I really enjoyed it after some hesitation, and Atlanta’s offense was even more potent with Ozuna focusing on hitting bombs. The expanded playoffs were fun, too. Even though I wanted to throw up in Game 1, Atlanta had a fun series against the Reds.

Hopefully, these rules come to fruition soon, as a shortened schedule also made the MLB season a lot more interesting. This certainly throws a wrench into the Marcell Ozuna and JT Realmuto sweepstakes, so maybe with this news, these guys make a decision soon.

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