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This continues my series of potential trade candidates for the Braves. Alex Anthopoulos has already stated the desire for another left-handed bat, which is currently the team’s most significant need, but as the season goes on, more holes could become apparent, so I’ll make sure to cover all of the bases.

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Andrew Benintendi

With the Royals way out of playoff contention, trading Benintendi — who is currently amid one of the better years of his career — is a no-brainer. The Gold Glove outfielder is on pace to accrue 3.0 WAR this season, and while he doesn’t pack much pop in his bat, he knows how to get on base and crushes right-handed pitching.

On the season, Benintendi his hitting .322 with an .819 OPS against righties, which would make him a perfect fit on the Braves roster. He could platoon with Marcell Ozuna and Adam Duvall when a right-handed pitcher is on the mound, and his style of play could fit into a lineup full of power hitters. Not everybody needs to be able to mash 20+ homers — even if it is a lot more fun that way. Some guys that know how to get on base and play plus-defense in the outfield are just as valuable. The cost — in terms of prospects — also shouldn’t be that ridiculous, with Benintendi being on an expiring contract. This would be an addition that reminds me a lot of the kind of guys Anthopoulos targeted at last year’s deadline.

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