Braves provide update on Collin McHugh

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Last week, Collin McHugh mysteriously hit the Injured List, which resulted in Jacob Webb, who was re-acquired from the Diamondbacks, joining the active roster. It turned out McHugh tested positive for COVID, which apparently he is still battling. Brian Snitker said before the Braves’ Monday night matchup with the Nationals that they would know more about McHugh in the coming days.

As we’ve learned over the last couple of years, COVID is incredibly unpredictable. Some people test positive and experience no symptoms; others feel like death is on the horizon. Hopefully, McHugh’s situation is much more like the former, but judging by how long his recovery is taking, there’s a chance he’s in quite the battle with the virus.

The timing of the sickness couldn’t have come any worse, either. After a slow start to the season, McHugh was finding his groove with the Braves, posting a 1.35 ERA over his last 13.1 innings pitched. Thankfully, the team has been able to right the ship in his absence, but once the competition begins to stiffen, they’ll certainly need McHugh back in the bullpen for high leverage situations. Let’s hope the Braves get some good news in the coming days regarding his status.

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