Braves Report: Dansby Swanson free agent decision not believed to be imminent

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After adding Sean Murphy via trade, I’m not quite sure what the Braves’ plan is. They’ve reiterated they have plenty of money to spend, yet they’ve yet to allocate a dime this offseason to any free agents. Hopefully, that means they are saving up to make a run at Swanson, but to this point, it’s been reported that the Braves and Swanson have had next to no contact this offseason, which has frustrated the Braves longtime shortstop.

On top of the lack of communication thus far in negotiations, there are a couple of other reasons for Braves fans to be worried about Swanson re-signing. Most notably, the market for shortstop has been outrageous. Both Bogaerts and Turner signed for north of $275 million in total. Correa will likely join them before long as well. Swanson won’t get that much, but $200 million could be in play — a number I’m almost certain the Braves won’t come close to meeting.

Beyond that, Swanson’s list of suitors only appears to be growing. Today, Jon Morosi reported the Giants have made contact with him. Although, Morosi adds a decision does not appear to be imminent.

If you’re keeping track at home, the Braves appear to be competing with the Giants, Red Sox, Twins, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, and perhaps even more teams for Swanson’s services. That’s not a promising outlook when considering what some of those other organizations might be willing to offer.

In an ideal world, I think Swanson would love to be back in Atlanta for the remainder of his career. I even believe he would probably be willing to take a rather substantial discount to stay. Unfortunately, there might be too much money on the table for Dansby Swanson to walk away from, leading to him following in the footsteps of Freddie Freeman.


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