Braves Report: Dansby Swanson’s free agent market is “going to explode”

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The shortstop market is flooding with demand as more than a handful of teams have a need at the position; however, the supply isn’t even close to fulfilling the appetite of those in need. With Xander Bogaerts and Trea Turner off the board, there are only two high-quality options left on the free agent market — Carlos Correa and Dansby Swanson. The former of which is the prize for many teams this winter. And if Correa does go before Swanson, the Georgia native’s market is “going to explode.”

“I think Dansby Swanson’s market is going to explode,”’s Mark Feinsand said. “[If] he’s the last shortstop available and you’ve still got four or five teams in the market for a shortstop, which I think benefits him. I think his number is going to go up.”

It makes perfect sense. If a commodity’s supply outstrips its demand, prices will fall. However, if demand exceeds supply, prices will rise. And the latter is sure to be the reality when it comes to Swanson.

The Yankees, Giants, Red Sox, and Twins are the obvious suitors for Correa, but the list grows exponentially when considering the potential landing spots for Swanson, who is much more affordable. Not many clubs are willing to shell out what could be close to $400 million for Correa, but less than half of that for Swanson seems much more feasible.

The competition for Swanson will surely result in a bidding war — one the Braves are certainly not going to involve themselves. The Cubs and Cardinals have been the most publicly connected clubs to the 28-year-old, but the Twins reportedly view Swanson as a backup plan to Correa. However, don’t be surprised if the Yankees, Red Sox, and Giants lose out on Correa and turn their focus to Swanson. Most recently, the Dodgers have been named a possibility too. One thing is clear: there will be no shortage of teams courting him this winter.

And to make matters worse, the Braves and Dansby Swanson haven’t had any legitimate negotiations this offseason, which has understandably bothered Swanson. Per FanGraphs’ contract projections, he is expected to receive a deal worth around $140 million over six years. However, as they say, “Yesterday’s price isn’t today’s price.”

With Turner signing for $300 million and Bogaerts garnering $280 million, nobody should be surprised if Swanson demands close to $200 million in today’s market. The Braves surely won’t acquiesce at that number. And I don’t blame them. Alex Anthopoulos won’t be a prisoner of the moment and get into a bidding war for Swanson’s services. It’s abundantly clear Atlanta won’t have the most lucrative deal on the table for Swanson; that doesn’t mean signing a sweetheart deal with his hometown team is impossible, but it is unlikely.

Austin McAfee/Icon Sportswire

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