Braves Report: Joc Pederson receiving interest from the Guardians

Joc Pederson

There is no doubt the Braves would not have won the World Series without the addition of Joc Pederson. Not only did he come through in several key moments in October, but his clubhouse presence completely changed the vibes surrounding the team. Before his arrival, it seemed like nothing could go right for the Brave. After it, the entire city was energized. It’s not something that shows up on the stat sheet, but it’s something every championship-caliber team has.

For his personality alone, Pederson will be a legend in Atlanta forever, even if he departs after just a few months with the team, and unsurprisingly, he is generating some interest from other teams in free agency. According to Jon Morosi, the Cleveland Guardians have an eye on Pederson.

I would love to have Joc back as much as anyone. With that being said, I’ve always thought it was unlikely the Braves re-sign him. He’s made it very clear he wants to be an everyday player. That won’t be possible in Atlanta, which is why I believe the Braves will most likely find another player to fill the void they have left in the outfield.

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