Braves report: JT Realmuto sweepstakes are coming to a close

dhw200813016 orioles at phillies

With less than a month before Spring Training, the JT Realmuto sweepstakes are reportedly coming to a close. According to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, the Phillies remain the frontrunner for the best catcher in the game today with an offer on the table of around $110 million. The Braves are still in the mix; however, they don’t appear to be willing to go as far as Philadelphia.

This has become like clockwork for the Braves under general manager Alex Anthopoulos. They are constantly connected to the league’s best free-agents every offseason, yet they are never willing to go the extra mile that it takes to get a deal done. Most recently, Atlanta was reportedly in on George Springer until the very end, who eventually inked a $150 million contract with the Blue Jays.

At least, in this case, I can understand why Anthopoulos might be hesitant to top the Phillies offer. The Braves have Travis d’Arnaud signed through 2021, leaving them with a much more glaring need in the outfield. Still, there have been no signs — outside of rumors after the fact — that Atlanta is genuinely serious about dishing out a long-term contract to an elite free agent. And the closer we get to spring training, the more it seems like the Braves will miss out once again this offseason.

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