Braves Report: Olney says Atlanta “highly unlikely to re-sign Ozuna”

Marcell Ozuna

Atlanta is being reported to be out of the Ozuna sweepstakes by ESPN’s Buster Olney.

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Now, here’s why Atlanta fans shouldn’t panic. There are multiple problems with this report. “Given Atlanta’s payroll structure”; why would Anthopoulos sign Morton & Smyly if he knew that there wouldn’t be money for Ozuna? He’s smarter than that. Additionally, When was the last time Alex Anthopoulos leaked anything to the media, much less ESPN? Even Braves beat reporters don’t get this type of information. I really just don’t buy this report.

Olney, like everyone else, is going off pure speculation. Don’t be shocked if Marcell Ozuna still ends up in Atlanta in 2021. Reports around the league are that teams like the Yankees & Dodgers are interested in Ozuna, but he has built a bond in this Atlanta clubhouse. His market is heating up, but there is no reason to take this report as fact.

Until further notice, I wouldn’t put too much stock into this.

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