Braves Report: Soroka’s body rejected the sutures in his achilles, timetable is now a “guessing game”

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Another bizarre chapter to the Mike Soroka injury story has unfolded, and it seems that he was the victim of some bad luck during his surgery.

As some of you know, I’m in law school — not medical school. However, I do know that a suture is a stitch, which makes this story even stranger. It was reported earlier that Soroka could be back as early as late August, but as I mentioned in that article — that’s wishful thinking. With the way the season is going, it may be best to hold Soroka out for all of 2021. However, if the Braves are still in the thick of the playoff race, I could see them attempting to deploy Soroka if he is ready. Achilles injuries are tough, but Mike was pitching well in Spring Training before going back under the knife.

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