Braves Report: Yankees expected to make a strong push for Freddie Freeman once lockout ends

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Before the lockout, it was reported several times that the Yankees were interested in signing Freddie Freeman, which might be the least surprising development of the offseason. New York has as deep of pockets as anyone, and they have an opening at first base with Anthony Rizzo also testing unrestricted free agency. However, along with those initial rumblings surrounding the Yankees’ interest, it was also reported that people inside of the organization felt that it would be extremely difficult to pry Freeman away from the Braves.

That sure seemed like the case at the beginning of free agency, but as the months have passed without pen being put to paper, it at least feels like teams outside of Atlanta have a chance at landing Freeman, opening the door for the Yankees once the lockout ends.

With the lockout into its third month, it’s nearly impossible to gauge the pulse of the situation. It’s possible a deal is already in place behind closed doors. It’s also entirely fathomable that this extra time has allowed Freeman to evaluate all of his options, and he may feel it is best to move onto the next chapter of his career.

The situation feels much bleaker than it did a few months ago, but that could just be the nervous fan in me talking. Following a World Series title, the only thing Braves fans can do is put their faith in Alex Anthopoulos. He’s earned it, but if he let’s Freeman walk, there better be plenty of corresponding moves that follow.

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