Braves reportedly sign all 22 of their 2022 Draft Picks

Vaughn Grissom call up

In a feat that’s pretty uncommon in today’s age, it looks like the Braves have signed all 22 of their draft picks from the 2022 MLB Draft — a very critical process for Atlanta in particular:

The Braves actually got this done quickly, with 14th-round pick Landon Harper being the last to sign right before the deadline. The Braves’ farm system is one of the worst in baseball; they couldn’t afford not to sign four or five of their later-round prospects. If a first-round pick doesn’t sign, a team gets a compensation pick the following year, but with later-round prospects, that simply isn’t the case. The Braves took a big risk with Adam Maier, the Oregon righty who could have been a first-round pick if he had returned to school next year. Instead, the Braves gave him a huge bonus, and the seventh-round pick is headed to camp in Florida:

The Braves signed some high school talent in the early rounds, which is always risky, but they managed to put pen to paper with many of their later-round picks. As expected, Atlanta heavily targeted signable college players — they need bodies in the system quickly. Many of these later-round players have big tools, so hopefully, a few of them can develop, and the Braves can gain some traction in the international markets again. With a farm system this barren, the Braves are going to have to build up some prospects to either use as trade chips or potential future replacements a few years down the road. Signing all 22 guys in your class is a good start.

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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