Braves: Ronald Acuña talks about his home run celebrations

Ronald Acuña

Throughout his career, a lot has been made about Acuña’s antics, in particular, his celebrations. Even his teammates and manager have publicly called him out for his actions in the past. It’s old school vs. new school, but it doesn’t really matter what other people think. Acuña has made one thing clear since he stepped onto a major-league field for the first time — he’s never changing.

So after showing off Lebron James’ signature “Silencer” celebration, Acuña promised to give some love to the star point guard in his hometown with an “Ice Trae” celebration, and he delivered in his first at-bat last night against the Athletics.

Trae Young showed his appreciation on Twitter as well.

There’s no questioning the swagger Acuña plays with isn’t appreciated by everyone, especially his opponents. There’s still a segment of this league that believes it’s reasonable to peg someone with a 100 MPH fastball just because he pimped a 500-foot homer. Hopefully, those old-school phonies will be out of the game before long; then, maybe Acuña will stop being the target of so many beam balls.

Regardless, nothing is stopping Ronnie from being Ronnie. He plays the game for the fans, and the fans love him. He acknowledged the celebrations in an interview following yesterday’s performance.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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