Braves: Soroka’s start pushed back due to aggravated groin

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The injury bug has hit the Braves early this season, and hopefully, the team can get it out of the way early. Atlanta is already without Cole Hamels to start the season, and now another starting pitcher is dealing with an injury:

The good news is that this issue does not appear to be serious. As Bowman mentioned in the Tweet, this was just a slight tweak. On Sunday’s broadcast against the Tigers, Brian Snitker went as far as to say he does not even consider it a setback, and that the team still expects Soroka to be able to log the necessary innings to enter the season. After all, he still has a scheduled start. Atlanta is simply moving it back a bit.

Better safe than sorry in Spring Training, and this is a classic case of that. Barring another injury or a drastic setback, the hopeful Cy Young contender should be ready to go for the start of the season.

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