What do you want the new Hawks uniforms to look like?

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Death, taxes, and Trae Young looking fly. We can always count on those three things. But Trae might be looking fly in a new uniform next season. Calm down; I don’t mean for another team. Just last week in an interview with Chris Kirschner of The Athletic, Hawks’ CEO Steve Koonin teased new uniforms for Atlanta.

When asked if the team will have different primary uniforms next season, Koonan replied via text with “Stay Tuned” and the cool smiling with sunglasses emoji.

It seems likely that Atlanta will work with Nike to unveil new fits next season. This is a big deal because the team has undergone at least four total rebrands in my life. Some have been hits, and some have been misses. Let’s look at a few potential uniform and color combos the Hawks could use:

  1. (Old School) Red & Powder Blue – Last year as part of the 50th anniversary of their first season in Atlanta, the Hawks wore throwback uniforms from the 1969 season. This color pallet was popular with fans and players. Trae still wears the powder blue and red sneakers (Adidas N3XT L3V3L) all the time. Powder blue has taken over MLB, and only a few other teams in the NBA incorporate into their alternate (City Edition) uniforms. It would be cool to see the Hawks stake their claim to the beautiful color combination.
  2. (Peachtree) Black & Peach – Nike sunk a three from the logo with the City Edition uniforms this season. The Peachtree uniforms are both unique and #TrueToAtlanta. This concept must stick around beyond this season.
  3. (Dominique) Red and Gold – The Pacman logo is divisive among hoops fans. Some of us see a Hawk; others see an arcade video game character from the 1980s. Plus, the change in colors from futuristic and bright to traditional would be a dramatic shift for a forward-looking franchise.
  4. (19-Game Win Streak) Red and Navy – Perhaps the most boring uniform design in franchise history was sported by one of the most spectacular teams. I don’t know if we have had enough time to let nostalgia work its magic on these colors. Also, please never bring back the floor design from that era.
  5. (Keep What We Have & Tweak It) Torch Red & Volt Green & Georgia Granite Gray – The current team colors and uniforms have grown on me. Even though they were first implemented under Adidas, they seem extremely Nike and Oregon Ducks-ish. They’re so ugly; they’re beautiful. I wouldn’t mind keeping the colors and tweaking the uniforms as the team moves into a brighter future.

It may seem silly, but the jerseys are big business. From branding to merchandise sales, they play a significant role in a franchise. Over the next few years, we can expect the team to make tremendous strides and appear in a lot more nationally broadcasted games. When this team arrives, what uniforms do you want to see them in?


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