Braves: Trea Turner releases ridiculous hype video for his free agency

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This is something I’m not sure I’ve seen before. Ahead of his free agency, Trea Turner‘s representatives sent out a hype video to all 30 teams, telling them the reasons why they should sign him. The video is narrated by Jon Hamm, who is also represented by CAA.

As a man who appreciates a good hype video, I can 100% get behind this happening more often. We always see emotional videos ahead of pivotal games or used as a farewell, but this is new. This is Trea Turner letting everyone in the league know he’s one of the best players in the game and deserving of a mega-contract. Judging by the facts Hamm provided in the video, it’s difficult to disagree.

Turner very well could be at the top of the Braves’ list of priority free agents. With Dansby Swanson also testing the waters of unrestricted free agency, Atlanta needs a new shortstop. I would love to have Swanson back, but Turner is unquestionably an upgrade. If the Braves are really ready to have a top-five payroll in baseball, making a run at Turner is a legitimate possibility.

Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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