Braves: Twins join the group heavily interested in Josh Donaldson

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After a quiet few days following the Winter Meetings, Josh Donaldson’s decision looks like it could come any minute now, as the picture of teams heavily involved for his services becomes more clear.

Last night, Bob Nightengale informed us that Donaldson will “definitely” be receiving a fourth year¬†from whomever he signs with. We know the Braves have made it their top priority to bring him back, but there has always been a question whether they would be willing to go four years, which would take Donaldson through his age 37 season. Regardless, the Bringer of Rain has already informed the Braves he will give them the last opportunity to match any potential offer.

From the jump, Atlanta’s biggest competition for Donaldson’s services has been their division rivals, the Washington Nationals, who are desperate to replace Anthony Rendon’s production at third base. The belief is they are one of the teams that is ready to offer Donaldson four years, but they aren’t the only ones at that level.

Ken Rosenthal reported this morning the Twins are also believed to be willing to go four years. In the same article, he acknowledged that the Braves and Dodgers remain in the mix but may be hesitant to hand him that extra year, which appears to be necessary.

Throughout this whole process, I’ve thought Donaldson would be in a Braves uniform come 2020. But after these recent reports, that outlook is looking dimmer and dimmer. I’m leaning towards Anthopoulos being reluctant to offer a four-year contract. However, things could change if he comes back and says he is on the verge of signing with the Nationals.

Either way, a decision seems to be on the horizon. We discussed Donaldson’s future on our most recent podcast.

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