Braves Vice President of Scouting Dana Brown is leaving Atlanta for a General Manager role

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Perhaps the biggest loss of the offseason, Dana Brown, one of the architects of this Braves team, is leaving to take over as General Manager of the reigning World Series Champions:

Most fans probably don’t realize the weight that Brown carries in this organization. He’s one of Alex Anthopoulos’ right hand men and is responsible for finding a good portion of the homegrown talent the Braves have on their roster right now.

I can’t blame Brown at all. It’s not every day that a General Manager opportunity comes knocking, especially one from a team that is fresh off a World Series championship and has absolutely dominated the American League in recent years. The Astros have been a fantastic team, and like the Braves, it’s due to a lot of drafting and development. Brown is almost certain to continue that trend. This quote from Alex Anthopoulos about Michael Harris II is very telling.

“I remember Dana telling me he was a top-five high-school bat in the draft — he wrote it in his report as well — and that we had to take him. He wasn’t highly touted at all and Dana wanted to take him in the third round. I remember asking him if he was sure we needed to take him that high and he was adamant. He did the same thing with Spencer Strider (the Braves’ fourth-round pick) in 2020. I’ve been with him a long time and when he’s that convicted I stay out of the way.”

Congrats Dana, but the Braves are really going to miss him.

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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