Braves: Who Says No — Ian Happ Trade Package (Part 3)

Braves targeting at the deadline

Happ is going to be an interesting part three to this series, as he’s the first player we’ve covered that isn’t a rental. Happ has one more year of team control, but as it looks right now, the Cubs aren’t going to be competing in 2023. They could attempt to cash in on Happ in 2022 while he’s hot, or look to move him in 2023. I would say sell high now, which would be to the detriment of the Braves:

Switch hitting super-utility players don’t come cheap, so what will the Braves need to give up to get Happ? If you want to check out previous editions of this series, they’re linked below:



The Player

OF/IF Ian Happ (2022)

Slash Line: .276/.370/.448

Doubles: 23

Home Runs: 8

Runs Batted In: 40

fWAR: 2.1

Happ is a true table-setter, something the Braves could use more of. We’ve seen what type of damage Michael Harris II can cause. Happ has played just about every position for the Cubs, which means he’s a natural replacement at second base until Ozzie Albies gets healthy. After that, you have a decent defender in left field. An All-Star switch hitter with this type of gap-to-gap power and team control isn’t going to be cheap, so what’s it going to cost the Braves?

The Package

#5 SS Vaughn Grissom

Yeah, this is a lot, but I think for Happ — it’s worth it. Originally, this trade involved Drew Waters, but I had to switch in Grissom after Waters was sent to the Royals in a package for the 35th pick in the 2022 MLB Draft. Personally, I think Grissom is a better prospect than Waters, so congrats to the Cubs in this fantasy world hypothetical. By the time Happ is a free agent in 2024, the Braves will have a lot more options with Marcell Ozuna‘s contract. This is a steep price for Alex Anthopoulos, but that’s just the way things go when you’re acquiring guys with control — especially someone this versatile. Although has Grissom ranked as the Braves’ fifth-best prospect, I’d probably have him second or first. This is a tough call.

So, who says no?

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