Braves: You’ll love Max Fried’s epic reaction to Jorge Soler’s Game 6 home run

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Like every Braves fan, I’ve watched Jorge Soler‘s legendary Game 6 moonshot out of the stadium from every angle, and it’s difficult to decide which one is my favorite. The original is pretty cool.

But this angle that clearly shows the reaction of the Astros fans as all of their towels drop in unison is even better.

HOWEVER, three months after the Braves claimed their first World Series title since 1995, I think I’ve found the most remarkable aspect to that play, thanks to some help from my man Rusty on Twitter.

If you zoom close enough, you’ll find Max Fried, amid all the chaos, in a zone that few of us could ever go to if we were alone with our thoughts in a room. He’s laser-focused, and while Soler’s three-run blast was a promising start, he understands the job is far from being finished. Of course, he would go on to pitch six shutout innings in the win against arguably the best offensive team in baseball.

I’ve long said Fried is a junkyard dog on the mound. His competitive spirit is unmatched, which is why when all the chips are on the line, he’s the guy I want with the ball in his hand. You can see it in his demeanor every time he toes the rubber, but nothing encapsulates his competitive nature quite like this moment. If it were a bit clearer, I would have this picture hanging all over my house. Because of that type of mindset, focus, and leadership displayed by Fried, this team is sitting here today as World Series champions.

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