Brian Snitker comments on Marcell Ozuna, Freddie Freeman, and more

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In an interview with Jeff Schultz of the Athletic, Brian Snitker gave some insight into his offseason and the aftermath of the World Series:

I encourage you to read Jeff’s entire interview; he did a good job and hit many key points. These are just a few snippets that I thought were interesting.

When talking about Freeman, this is what Snitker had to say:

No — I haven’t had conversations with any players. It’s prohibited. You’re not supposed to talk to them, and they’re not getting ahold of me, either. Right now, I know we can’t sign him. I might feel (worse) if it was a normal offseason. So we’ll see. I hope we have him, but I don’t know what’s going to happen. I have no idea where guys are going to end up. Those GMs aren’t even talking to agents or anybody, but I guarantee you they’re up there with their lieutenants, plotting strategy for when the dam breaks. We lost Ronald Acuña and kept going. We lost Soler for an extended period, but you keep playing. Do you like that? No. But you keep going. Do I want Freddie back? Absolutely. Why wouldn’t I? But it may not happen. It’s the way business is.

Snitker had this to say about Marcell Ozuna:

As far as I know right now, he’s going to be there. He went through the process, and he’s been cleared to play. That’s all I care about. He’s in the Dominican, and I pull up the box scores, and it looks like he’s doing good. There’s a lot of guys out there, and it’s amazing how people forget. There’s a lot of guys who’ve played against us who’ve probably been in worse situations than he was. It seems like people have a tendency to forget or forgive. But that remains to be seen, too, I guess.

Finally, Snitker had this to say about the World Series run:

I hadn’t re-watched any of the games. Then a week ago, I’m sitting at home, and they were showing back-to-back NLCS games on MLB. I mean, I don’t remember the Dodgers series at all. I don’t even remember the Milwaukee series. But I was sitting there watching the games, and I was getting all worked up, and my wife walks by and she says, “Hey, dumbass, you won the game.” I think I felt better in the dugout when I didn’t know what was going to happen than I did watching them again on TV. I was like, “Why did I take Ian (Anderson) out there?” I was second-guessing everything I did.

The comments on Freeman were pretty spot on, and it seems Snitker is in the dark along with the rest of us. As expected, it appears Marcell Ozuna has the support of his manager and the rest of the team. I can also appreciate Snitker poking a little fun at himself, but thankfully, his decisions worked out in the playoffs, and we can all laugh about it.

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