Buy or Sell: Five Braves rumors ahead of Thanksgiving

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Thus far, the offseason has been relatively quiet across the board. The Braves have yet to make a significant move, but right after Thanksgiving is usually when that starts to change. Within a few weeks, it’s possible we know who will be starting at shortstop in Atlanta. Despite the lack of tangible reports, we have quite a few Braves rumors and predictions that have been floated around over the last month. So, ahead of Thanksgiving, I figured it’s time to play a little buy or sell with some of the hot topics surrounding Braves Country.

It’s Dansby Swanson or Bust for the Braves

This rumor came from Ken Rosenthal, who is unquestionably one of the most plugged-in guys in the business. So typically, I take his word as prophecy; however, this time, I am not. I read this as more of a prediction rather than a report. In the past, the Braves have shown a hesitancy to hand out lucrative long-term contracts, but if they’re willing to do so with Swanson, why wouldn’t they be willing to go a little further and land a superstar like Turner or deGrom? I still view Swanson as the most likely option to start at shortstop in Atlanta next season, but if he walks, the Braves are going to find a way to use that money effectively.


The Braves are a primary suitor for Jacob DeGrom

This is a rumor that has been around since July, when Buster Olney reported that rival executives see the Braves as the favorites to pry deGrom away from the Mets in free agency. Since then, a ton of people have run with the idea, but I would say there’s no chance this happens. In theory, adding deGrom to the Braves would be unbelievable, giving them the best rotation in baseball. But Atlanta doesn’t have the money to add deGrom and a premier shortstop. They aren’t going to have the top payroll in the league, and they already have a really good rotation. At this point, adding deGrom is a luxury, and it is one that isn’t going to happen.


The Braves are targeting Mitch Haniger

One of the most recent Braves rumors surrounds the club and their interest in Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger. I see no reason why this wouldn’t be true. He’s an ideal candidate for a one-year deal, the kind of contract Alex Anthopoulos loves handing out to talented players coming off injury. I would actually be shocked if the Braves weren’t interested.


Kenley Jansen working on a deal with the Giants

It’s been reported by multiple sources that Kenley Jansen and the Giants are discussing a two-year contract that would bring him back to the NL West. I don’t see the Braves matching that, so unless he’s willing to sign a one-year deal to stay in Atlanta, it looks like his days with the Braves have come to an end.


The Braves will have a top-five payroll in 2023

This has been said not once but on two different occasions from Braves higher ups. The first person to say it was Braves Chairman Terry McGuirk. Then Liberty Media’s President and CEO, Greg Maffei, doubled down on the statement last week. That should bring a tear of joy to Atlanta’s fan base; however, I’m selling the idea of the Braves being a top-five payroll this season. I think that’s something we will definitely see in the future, but not in 2023. Hopefully, I’m wrong, but that would be a massive jump in spending in just one year — no matter how much success The Battery has brought the Braves organization since its inception.


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