Buy or Sell these Braves overreactions

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The Braves hit their first bump in the road last week, losing four straight games before blowing out the Rangers on Monday night. It was the team’s longest losing streak since 2017, and it highlighted some of the Braves flaws, especially with Max Fried and Kyle Wright on the IL.

Baseball is a fickle game. Injuries are inevitable, and even the best players in the league go through slumps–both on the mound and at the plate. That’s why the season is 162 games, so the cream can rise to the top over a six-month grind.

Despite the four-game losing streak, the Braves still own a six-game lead in the NL East. It’s the largest lead of any division, but that hasn’t stopped some Braves fans from overreacting. On the latest episode of SportsTalkATL, we go through some of those overreactions and determine which ones are warranted and which ones are ridiculous.

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Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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