C.J. Stroud has met with Falcons, and it went “really well”

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Until the Falcons 100% have their guy under center, they will be doing their due diligence on every quarterback that becomes available, whether it’s through free agency or the draft. This draft class features a number of QBs that could end up being franchise guys. We could see as many as four quarterbacks selected within the first 10 picks. With the Falcons holding the #8 selection in the draft, they are in a prime position to land whichever one they covet, even if that means trading up to snag one.

We already know they met with Anthony Richardson, who reportedly crushed the interview prospect. His incredibly high upside makes him a tantalizing prospect, but his lack of success in college is worrisome to many. A quarterback prospect you can’t say that about is C.J. Stroud, who said today he has also met with the Falcons, and that the interview went “really well.”

Stroud also said part of why he wears #7 is because of Michael Vick.

Bryce Young is widely considered the favorite to go #1 overall, but Stroud is a close second. If the Falcons want to land the Ohio State quarterback, they will more than likely have to trade up. But as I’ve said, that’s something they shouldn’t be afraid to do if they think they’ve found their guy.

Having a top-tier quarterback on a rookie contract is a cheat code in the NFL. It allows you to allocate significantly more funds to the rest of the roster. Stroud has the potential to step in and be a high quality starter from day one. Given all the cap space the Falcons are set up to have this offseason and beyond, getting a quarterback like Stroud could quickly turn the franchise contenders.

Photographer: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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