Cam Newton says he wants to play for the Falcons

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Have you had enough of the back and forth surrounding the Atlanta Falcons head coaching search? Let’s take a break from it with a more lighthearted topic.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Falcons will eventually choose their next head coach, but regardless of who is hired, the top task of the offseason will be figuring out the quarterback position. Most want the Falcons to find one in the draft. Others are more fond of pursuing Justin Fields if he’s available, and there’s also the possibility the Falcons go after a veteran in free agency, especially if Bill Belichick is named the next head coach in Atlanta.

In terms of veterans, the pickings are slim. The best available is Kirk Cousins, followed by Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and Ryan Tannehill. After that, there are no inspiring options… or perhaps there is one more.

On Good Morning Football, Brandon Marshall prodded Cam Newton about potentially returning to the NFL, asking him which three teams he would return to play for.

“It’s not even three. It’s just really one. Me having, you know, a family now; it’s always been about family, and I don’t see myself leaving Atlanta. So if it’s not Atlanta, I don’t wanna do it.”


Obviously, Cam Newton’s playing days are almost assuredly behind him. If this were 7-8 years ago, I would be all for it, and frankly, he might even be better than what the Falcons have had at the quarterback position over the last two seasons. He certainly couldn’t be much worse.

With that being said, the reason the Falcons haven’t been able to break their postseason drought, and the reason why Arthur Smith is currently searching for a new job is because of the half-measures taken at the quarterback position. That can’t happen again this season. The Falcons finally have a roster that’s ready to make a run in the playoffs, but that will not be possible until they have a competent man under center.

Cam Newton would be fun and his presence alone would liven up Mercedes Benz Stadium on Sundays, but it’s time for the Falcons to get serious about the quarterback position.

Photographer: John Byrum/Icon Sportswire


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