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Friday Rant: It’s tough being a Falcons fan

People from outside of the city, or the Falcons fan base, think they know how tough it must be to cheer for the Falcons or …

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Friday Rant: Falcons fans do not deserve Matt Ryan

Last week I wrote a piece for our weekly Overreaction Tuesday publication, in which I presented multiple futures without Matt Ryan. The function of the article …

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Friday Rant: There is no more deserving MVP candidate than Freddie Freeman

In my Braves’ bold predictions piece from before the season started, I actually pegged Freddie Freeman, not Ronald Acuña, to win the MVP award. However, …

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Braves Friday Rant: It’s past time to DFA Robbie Erlin

This has been unbelievably frustrating. Frankly, I have no idea why the Braves even picked up Robbie Erlin in the first place after he was …

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Friday Rant: Idiotic buffoon thinks the Falcons are Super Bowl contenders

I’m not sure why it works out this way, but every four years, the Falcons seem to put it all together and make a run …

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Friday Falcons Rant: Pro Football Focus dishes out some major disrespect

Pro Football Focus is usually an exciting read, but they missed BADLY with their 2020 Preseason offense rankings. The Falcons came in at 12, which …

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Friday Rants

Friday Rant: The MLB playoff proposal is a money grab joke

It’s really gotten to the point that every time Rob Manfred opens his mouth it gets worse and worse. I honestly did not mind the sanctions …

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Friday Rant: Julio Jones snubbed again for First-Team All-Pro

Friday Rants are back baby! We’ve got a juicy one today. First-Team All-Pro selections were announced, and DeAndre Hopkins was somehow selected over Julio Jones. …

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Falcons: Stop blaming Matt Ryan

Time and time again, every week, we see FORMER MVP Matt Ryan blasted by fans and sometimes even media members for the team’s woes. I …


Friday Rant: Hits, Runs, Strikeouts, and the Atlanta Braves

Through 30 games, the Atlanta Braves have only struck out 242 times. That may sound like a lot of strikeouts, but it’s well below one …

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