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Atlanta Hawks

Friday Rant: Everyone wants to make injury excuses… except for the Hawks

All we’ve heard about these playoffs is how many key players are missing, and rightfully so. Guys like Jamal Murray, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and …

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alec bohm

Friday (Monday) Rant: What is Major League Baseball even doing right now?

I’m calling an emergency Friday rant; I have a lot to get off my chest. I already ranted and raved like almost every other Braves …

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Friday Rant: MLB Pipeline’s prospect rankings dish out some serious disrespect to the Braves

These ranking really don’t mean much… at all, but I thought this would make for a fun friday rant. Atlanta has four prospects ranked in …

Andruw Jones

The Baseball Hall of Fame has turned into a joke

It’s not Friday, but with the tragic loss of Hank Aaron, I didn’t think the timing was appropriate last week to rant about the Hall …

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Friday Rant: The Hawks have been exceptionally unlucky with injuries

I was so excited when this NBA season first tipped off. Atlanta was scoring at will, setting records, and beat the championship-contending Brooklyn Nets. The …

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Friday Rant: The Saints are $100 million over the 2021 salary cap and Drew Brees is about to retire

In the midst of this turmoil, sports can sometimes be difficult to read about when there are greater things at stake. Well, not when it’s …

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Friday Rant: ESPN’s NBA Player Rankings are unexplainable

Before every season, ESPN releases their rankings of the Top 100 players in the NBA based on what to expect during the upcoming campaign. As …

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Atlanta Falcons

Friday Rant: It’s tough being a Falcons fan

People from outside of the city, or the Falcons fan base, think they know how tough it must be to cheer for the Falcons or …

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Friday Rant: Falcons fans do not deserve Matt Ryan

Last week I wrote a piece for our weekly Overreaction Tuesday publication, in which I presented multiple futures without Matt Ryan. The function of the article …

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Friday Rant: There is no more deserving MVP candidate than Freddie Freeman

In my Braves’ bold predictions piece from before the season started, I actually pegged Freddie Freeman, not Ronald Acuña, to win the MVP award. However, …

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