The Baseball Hall of Fame has turned into a joke


It’s not Friday, but with the tragic loss of Hank Aaron, I didn’t think the timing was appropriate last week to rant about the Hall of Fame. Voting is final on Tuesday, so I wanted to get this off my chest. Hopefully, the Hall does something nice for Hank, Knucksie, and Don Sutton this week.

I really can’t help myself. Every year I talk about how I don’t care about the MLB Hall of Fame and how much of a sham it is. Yet, here I am writing this article. I’m sure on January 26th, Andruw Jones will be left off again by a bunch of dorks who couldn’t make a throw from shortstop to first base.

I never really paid attention to stuff like this as a child, but problems started when the steroid era players became eligible. I still think Dale Murphy is the biggest snub of all time (he was far more qualified than Harold Baines, who I still think was deserving). Fred McGriff should also be in, but this isn’t about Atlanta. It isn’t about Bonds, Clemens, or Schilling — who have all been left off for various reasons. This is about the process. Let’s take a look and give fifteen minutes of shine to the bozos who do this every winter. With the votes already rolling in, it looks like we’ll have another joke this year.


Let’s start with Dan Shaughnessy. Wow, man, you’re so edgy, only voting for Jeff Kent. I’m sure he just played the game the right way. Kent has a pretty solid resum√©, but this after a Jeter-only ballot in 2020? I know you probably don’t get much shine as a BBWAA writer, but don’t take it out on actual athletes.

Addressing Rieber and Shaughnessy, Derek Jeter isn’t worthy of going into the Hall of Fame alone. If you think Jeter is the greatest baseball player of all time and deserves an honor like this, you might be twelve years old. -243.3 fielding runs, and -8.3 DWAR is honestly disgusting, just like your ballot.

Finally — Murray Chase. A classy¬†blank ballot, dude. This was a 2017 ballot, but it just illustrates how long this has been going on.

These are just a few examples of such Ronald McDonald behavior; trust me, there is plenty more. I’m picking on these guys, but plenty of blank ballots get turned in every season.

This used to be the highest honor for an MLB Player, and now it has just devolved to a bunch of grumpy old cranks gatekeeping baseball history. The MLB & BBWAA should be ashamed to let guys like this make these decisions.

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