Braves: Hank Aaron and the search for eight forgotten home runs

cgv10311586 royal mets game 4

With the absolutely gut-wrenching passing of Hank Aaron today, baseball fans are still in mourning everywhere. There is no replacing Aaron’s impact on society and sports as a whole, but with Major League Baseball recently including stats from the past — an interesting thread popped up surrounding Hammerin’ Hank.



I strongly encourage you to read the whole thread, but if this is true, the stats need to be counted. Regardless of your opinion on Barry Bonds, this is history that has to be included in the record books. While Major League Baseball’s cutoff year is 1948, that could be expanded in the future.

Hank Aaron will always be the true Home Run King to me. This isn’t what today is about; his legacy is so much more than that. However, the baseball community would be doing a great service to a wonderful man by finding these home runs.

Photo: Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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