Report: Braves still unlikely to sign JT Realmuto

dhw200813016 orioles at phillies

The initial report of the Braves “circling on” JT Realmuto had many fans hopeful. But as Chase broke down the fit, it really doesn’t make much sense to bring in someone like Realmuto when Atlanta has Travis d’Arnaud. Now, Jon Heyman has reported most people see it as a stretch that Alex Anthopoulos shells out over $100 million for the All-Star catcher.

With bigger needs in the outfield and bullpen, an expanded payroll would have to come into play to offer Realmuto $100+ million, and that has never been the Braves M.O under Liberty Media. It’s never a bad idea to add the best player at a particular position, but it makes more sense for the Braves to go in a different direction for several reasons.

Atlanta already has Travis d’Arnaud; Realmuto isn’t exactly the right-handed power bat the team is looking for to protect Freddie Freeman (even though he is still an excellent hitter); giving Realmuto over $100 million could jeopardize the Braves chances of extending Freeman and the rest of their young core; and the Braves also have two very talented catching prospects on the horizon. Leaking this rumor could simply be gamesmanship by Alex Anthopoulos, hoping it forces the Phillies to raise their bid.

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