Christian Barmore is the interior force the Falcons need

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The Falcons need many pieces on defense but none more important than the defensive line — edge and interior. Dante Fowler is a building block for the edge position, but the front office will have to bolster that position through the draft and free agency. The interior isn’t as in need as the edge position, but it still needs some addressing. Christian Barmore could prove to be the answer to that need.


Barmore is the perfect plug to fill that hole up the middle. Like most Alabama interior defenders, Barmore is a mountain of a man — and he is rocked up, unlike many true nose tackles. Barmore is an explosive and versatile athlete that can move all over the defensive line. As large and powerful as he is, Baremore has no issues hunkering down to absorb double teams. If he’s taken one-on-one, he’s abnormally slippery for a man his size and can shed blocks with ease — delivering some bone-crushing hits.

While he profiles best as a three-technique, he is so much more than that. He provided a lot of pass rush at Alabama by using his hands and overall strength — easily translated to the NFL. This wouldn’t be the sexiest pick, but by trading back or using Atlanta’s second-round pick, Barmore can become an immediate plug and play starter that makes a position of need immediately better on day one.


Barmore played a big rotational role at Alabama, so he would have to adjust to being a three-down player. For as dominant as he is at times, Barmore is still pretty raw as a prospect. He needs to utilize speed moves that don’t involve his raw strength. I trust Gary Emmanuel — Falcons defensive line coach — to refine his technique.

Team Fit

Grady Jarrett needs an interior lineman who can help draw double teams so that he can get one-on-ones with slower guards. Barmore is a massive man; playing a one or three-technique is no problem for him, though. He really could be a steal for a team that moves their defensive linemen around. He is athletic enough to be interchangeable at the one, three, and even five-technique if needed. Twists and stunts with Barmore and Jarrett would have opposing interior linemen’s heads spinning.


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