Could Stetson Bennett go much higher in the draft than expected?

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If you’re still a Stetson Bennett hater, you haven’t been paying attention. He was elite this season, one of the best players in all of College Football, and it’s time to treat him like one of the better collegiate quarterbacks of all time. He’s earned it over the last two years, leading Georgia to back-to-back National Championships. That doesn’t always translate to NFL success, but I have a feeling Stetson Bennett is going to go much higher come April than people expect.

There will be no shortage of rumors leading up to the NFL Draft. Most of it will be smoke, but there will also be some fire, and there are already early rumblings surrounding Stetson Bennett following his performance in the College Football Playoff. According to several NFL scouts, Bennett would likely be in the conversation for the #1 overall pick in the draft if he was four inches taller.

Bennett has been an underdog his entire career. From walk-on to JUCO to backup to starter to back-to-back National Champion — he’s overcome substantial odds to even get to the point where he’s considered a draft prospect.

Even now, many people still don’t believe Bennett is deserving of the credit he is receiving for Georgia’s incredible run over the last two seasons. I’m not a part of that crowd; those “draft analysts” aren’t watching. He’s been incredible, and I fully expect some team to take a chance on him on Day 2 of the draft.

Day 1 feels very far-fetched, however. Height isn’t the only issue Bennett has to overcome. He’s also 25 years old, older than many superstar quarterbacks that are currently dominating at the NFL level, and has just one season of high-level production under his belt. Todd Monken did a fantastic job making the most out of Stetson Bennett. Things came easy for him and the rest of the Georgia offense. That won’t be the case at the next level. I have no idea if his success in college will translate to the NFL, but I do believe he will end up going higher than many people currently have him projected.

Photo: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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