Desmond Ridder promises to bring the Falcons a Super Bowl

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With the 74th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons selected Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ridder. There’s a lot to like about Riddler; he’s got a high football IQ, a strong arm, and is very mobile, but perhaps his most desirable trait is his confidence, which he flashed after he was drafted by telling the media that he would bring the Falcons a Super Bowl.

Some people might not like this kind of bold statement before even playing in an NFL game, but I wouldn’t want my quarterback believing anything else. Added pressure isn’t something Falcons fans should be worried about. Because if Ridder can’t handle pressure, he was never going to make it in this league from the jump.

I’m very intrigued to see how the Falcons approach their quarterback situation moving forward. Like most of the signal callers in the draft class, Ridder could use some time to develop before starting, and the Falcons have the perfect guy for him to learn behind in Marcus Mariota. However, who knows, perhaps Ridder impresses everyone during training camp and the preseason, forcing the Falcons’ hand much earlier than expected.

Photo: John Bunch/Icon Sportswire

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