Despite no change at QB, Arthur Smith says “everything is on the table” as Falcons keep losing

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The Falcons aren’t going to make a change at quarterback, even though they probably should, but Arthur Smith did say that everything was on the table moving forward if the team continues to lose games.

You’d think that means Ridder’s seat is at least getting warm. Maybe it’s not hot, but if the Falcons keep losing games because of the offense’s shortcomings, Smith will eventually have to make the difficult decision of benching Ridder.

It’s difficult because if Smith turns to Taylor Heinicke, it effectively ruins Ridder’s chances of ever being a starting quarterback for the Falcons. After just eight games, that seems a bit premature, but the lack of development from Ridder warrants the discussion.

I expected the Falcons to give him a long leash. However, the only way I could see the team turning away from him is if there was no improvement. Ridder has seemingly not made any signaincant strides in his development, which is a bigger problem than the actual performances.

Arthur Smith may not be ready to make a change at quarterback, but the questions will continue to come every Monday following a loss. At least he acknowledged the fact that everything, including benching Ridder, is on the table following back-to-back horrid performances.

One thing I am wondering is how his teammates are responding. Pubically, they’re voicing their support for Ridder. However, you have to think that Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Mack Hollins, and the defense are thinking the same way as the fans.

Eventually, the Falcons and Arthur Smith are going to come to the realization that Desmond Ridder is holding this team back.

Photographer: Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire

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