Early uniform reactions positive for the Bucs, not so much for the Falcons

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Because of the leaks that hit the internet yesterday, the Falcons opted to release their new uniforms today — just a day after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dropped their new fits — instead of waiting until April 14th. The reaction from Atlanta’s fan base has been a mixed bag thus far, but the public’s opinion is unanimous — their division rival did a much better job. 

According to a poll by ProFootballTalk on Twitter, 68% of people voted “yes” when asked if they were in favor of the new Tampa Bay uniforms. If you haven’t seen them yet, they are clean. The Buccaneers didn’t go for a full-blown makeover. Instead, they stuck to their roots, with a slightly more modern feel. 


I like them a lot, and it’s no surprise the public does as well. However, according to a similar poll regarding the Falcons’ new uniforms, 68% of people voted “no” when asked if they were in favor of the changes Atlanta made. At the time of this writing, nearly 13,000 people had voted in just four hours, nearly double the amount that voted in the poll regarding the Buccaneers. However, the Falcons fan base is a little more forgiving. 

In our poll, the majority of voters chose “Love them”, which received 40.5%, followed closely by “Still undecided” (36.5%). “A downgrade” received 13.1% of the vote with “Burn them to hell” bringing up the rear at 10.1%. But while “Love them” may have won the poll, there is still 60% of the fan base that isn’t exactly jumping for joy right now. My vote went to “A downgrade”. Hopefully, these fits begin to grow on me, but it looks like the Falcons made the same mistake the Hawks did when they switched uniforms, trying to do too much. Had they stuck to their roots, making simple changes with some modern twists, they would have received much more applause. 

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