Edwin Diaz talks William Contreras and the sharing of Narco

NL East

One of the most incredible storylines of the MLB season was the battle of Narco between William Contreras and Edwin Diaz. It’s an electric song, and Diaz coming out of the Mets bullpen in the ninth was a spectacle. The entire production is objectively awesome. And Wild Bill took a liking to the song, slotting it as his walk-up, sparking some absurd arguments between Braves and Mets fans.

It only made the entire thing better that both clubs were two of the best in baseball, fighting each other for the NL East crown. Diaz is the best closer on the planet and was predictably rewarded this offseason, agreeing to the most lucrative contract for a closer in MLB history. However, Contreras is no slouch either. He earned his first trip to the All-Star game behind an impressive year in which he posted an .860 OPS.

What was a funny facet of this entire story was Timmy Trumpet performing live at Citi Field, which was pretty amazing. However, Diaz and the Mets would inevitably surrender the division in the coming weeks to the scorching-hot Braves. And Jerry Seinfield hilariously blamed the performance for the collapse.

With Edwin Diaz signed through the foreseeable future, this matchup and drama will likely continue. He talked about the moment at Truist Park where he faced Contreras — an at-bat that resulted in three straight stikes — with Rob Friedman, and as expected, he got the last laugh.


I love the song Narco; it’s a vibe. And I hope both players continue using it as their walk-up. It adds a fun wrinkle to the Mets-Braves rivalry.

Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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