Charles Barkley boldly claims Texas A&M will fire Jimbo Fisher and pursue Deion Sanders

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There might not be a bigger laughing stock of a program than Texas A&M right now. Before the season, the Aggies were slotted to be serious contenders to make the College Football Playoff; the AP ranked them No. 6 in their initial poll, but they could potentially finish the season 4-8 without making a bowl game. Jimbo Fisher’s team might be the only SEC team not to reach bowl eligibility.

Folks in College Station are sharpening their pitchforks, and they have a serious case against firing Fisher. Nobody is doing less with more than he is with all of the resources the boosters provide at A&M. The Aggies had the No. 1 recruiting class in 2022 and are arguably the worst team in the conference. Fisher, who is known for his offensive pedigree and quarterback development, leads one of the worst offenses in the country. At this point, there are not a lot of good things we can say about the head coach of the Aggies.

However, there are roadblocks to making a knee-jerk reaction and firing Fisher, chiefly the $86 million buyout money the boosters of Texas A&M would have to cover. That oil money has afforded the athletic department some of the deepest pockets in the country, but that’s an incredible bill to foot. And as we know, A&M swings big, so that’s not even mentioning the other $75+ million in commitments to a new head coach. A firing would also result in a mass exodus of transfers out of College Station, and every coach in the country will be lined up at the doors of Kyle Field to sign the bevy of high-profile players still on the roster.

More than likely, Jimbo Fisher will be retained and enter the 2023 season on notice, but if things continue in a downward trajectory, boosters will have no choice but to push him out of the door. Still, that hasn’t stopped media pundits from discussing the topic. Most recently, Charles Barkley boldly claimed the exact opposite will happen and Fisher will be relieved of his duties, followed by the hiring of Deion Sanders.

That would be a hilarious outcome, honestly. And I want Prime Time in the Power 5; just not at my program. The experiment of giving someone like Deion Sanders the keys to a powerhouse program like Texas A&M is one that is difficult to imagine. But Chuck clearly sees it as a possibility.

Photo: Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire

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