Falcons Agree on Stadium Name, Blank Has Big Words Regarding Julio Jones

Earlier this morning, the Falcons held a press conference to announce what the name of their new stadium would be. The announcement was also made via twitter by the Falcons.

Mercedes-Benz was chosen as the sponsor of the new stadium. They released a photo of the logo on the model stadium.

Blank was thrilled to call Mercedes Benz a new partner of his, but it was his words regarding a specific Falcons player that raised some eyebrows. Blank commented today that Julio Jones is on the verge of signing one of the biggest deals in the NFL with the Falcons.

Those are big words from a confident owner that seems to think no Falcons fans should be worried about Julio Jones departing in free agency. Blank has made it clear previously that he wants Jones to be a Falcon for life.

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