Falcons: Arthur Smith & Terry Fontenot to attend Trey Lance’s pro day tomorrow

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In a bit of unsurprising yet interesting news, the new regime is doing their homework on one of the more exciting quarterbacks expected to go in the top ten.

Lance is a real wild card in this class. He might be the second quarterback off of the board or the fifth. If he reaches his full potential, he could be one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL.

Lance is incredibly gifted physically; he has a massive frame but is still undoubtedly the most athletic quarterback in the class. On top of that, the North Dakota State product has a cannon for an arm and can move around the pocket to make throws downfield. He also called a lot of the offense from the line, which is impressive for a guy who’s only 20 years old. With Matt Ryan still under contract, adding a quarterback that young makes even more sense.

Lance could use some mechanical work, but I think it can all be cleaned up with the right coach. He seems like a natural fit for the Falcons, so Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith are going to make sure he’s the real deal before the draft next month. With the Falcons holding the fourth pick, expect them to be keeping a close eye on every quarterback in this class.

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